2019 Optimist European Championship

22 – 29 June, Crozon-Morgat, France

Back from 2019 European Championship in Crozon!

This was one of the best regatta I was at this year.

It was an intense 4 days of racing, where we had different conditions then the ones we trained with. We never had a lot of wind, but that really didn’t matter because we still managed to do 9 races out of 10.

Overall, I finished 21, which I am happy with, but I know I could have done better.

Aside from racing, I meet new people, from 50 nations and made some friends. The weather was warm but not to hot. We did have some rain, but it didn’t stop me from doing my best on the water.

I am thankful to my coach, Damir Nakrst, who pushed me hard to do my best. I am also thankful to my team leader, Julie Baudet, who took care of us on the land. And finally, thank you to every one that helped me make my dreams come true, by supporting me financially and mentally.

Happy summer holidays!

here final results 2019 European Championship.

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2019 Optimist European © Matias Capizzano
2019 Optimist European © Matias Capizzano

First regatta per points in 2019 and last Talent Pool camp

16 – 17 March, 2019

During the weekend first regatta per point in this year in CVL Lugano.

Here final results CSP Optimist Lugano

Swiss Sailing Talentpool 2018 – 2019 officially finished and our first in 2019 PM at Lugano. Great results from our sailors filling up the podium. Congratulations to Stach Vleeshouwers for the third place, to Sam Nokes for the second place and to Axel Grandjean for the first place. Victoria Jedlinska was 4th and 1st girl. I would like to thank the rest of my team members Boris Hirsh, Clement Guignard, Pierre Jully and Jeanlou Lauber. A big thank you to my team-mate coach Damir Nakrst, Swiss Sailing team and Swiss optimist class. Least but not last I would like to thank my team leaders, Carmen Casco, and Lalla Cornaro for their volunteer help.
Good luck to everybody to the upcoming first selection at La Rochelle.

Antonis Drosopoulos –
Swiss TalentPool_Gold coach
Gold & Silver TP 2019 group